Discover how we have helped our members with their testimonials and success stories.


"March 2021 I moved to Felixstowe, I weighed my absolute heaviest at 19 and a half stone.

It wasn't until I saw the picture on the left I realized how bad i'd gotten from lockdown, I knew I had to do something.

I'd tried gyms before but could never stick at it. I always felt isolated and ignored, like just another faceless member. I'd lose motivation and quit.

Figuring i'd give it another go I ran into Coastside Fitness in town. Conveniently right above Boots. So easy to get to that I thought, why not?

Much to my surprise this was nothing like a gym i'd been to in the past: This was a totally new experience. The staff there were amazing and friendly, like meeting a family. They wrote me up a fitness plan. Explained diets and calories. They made weight loss seem so simple that even someone like me could do it.

Every time I showed up they always called me by my first name, asked me how my day was, what I was working on today. I quickly made friends. It was like a social club instead of a gym, the atmosphere was fantastic.

Gym stopped being hard, I started looking forward to it. I'd sneak in for a bit while shopping. Or head there after work to burn off some stress. Sometimes just to say hi and catch up.

Now just over a year later I'm at 15 and half stone. 4 stone lost. I could hardly believe it! It was the best feeling in the world.

Then unfortunately some terrible news came: The place was closing down. I was totally gutted, but it was short lived, as a new owner stepped in to save our local downtown gym. 

Now relocated just near Argos at Studio 8, with a new name change to Felixstowe Fitness, I knew there was no way I could leave. So i'm still there, still grinding away with the same great people and great atmosphere. Just with a new lick of paint and fresh scenery. Perfect to stop by for a quick 30mins while out shopping.

All thanks to the great people at Felixstowe Fitness, cheers! You guys changed my life!

And hey, if anyone reading this stops by in town. Come say hi to me! I'm in there 3 days a week, every week. Next goal is 13 stone"


"Since joining I have lost 2 stone and feel great!  Very friendly gym and I love coming!"

Mark S

"Very friendly gym with lots of great equipment - I have been coming for years and wouldn’t miss it for the world!


"I have been a member for years - and I love it.  As a "senior", it is a firm part of my weekly routine, as the social side is lovely and the physical side makes such a difference!" 

Dennis and his story of Achievement

“I love being part of the friendly Fitness community - as well as the results I have got from being a member. I now have so much more energy, sleep better and feel better than I have for years!

Thomas and his story

"I moved to Felixstowe just a few months ago. I had not been to a gym since before lockdown. Joining this gym was one of the best things I have done for a long time!

I love the the whole atmosphere here. It is a real fitness club Community, in a terrific location and with a fantastic light space. Great equipment and vibe - I cannot recommend it enough!"

Fin and his story

"The results I have got speak for themselves. Their equipment is quality. I also love their free weights and the atmosphere."

Sid and his story

"Since joining I have put on nearly two stone of pure muscle - which has really helped me on the rugby pitch!  The free weights and their equipment - is "sick"; and I love it here!”

Pattie & Peter

If like ourselves (pensioners) you want to try and stay healthy and stronger in your latter years, you should really think to join a friendly gym such as ours. You will be made very welcome at a very reasonable cost.